Is there a land in Italy where a single province holds so many treasures tied to wine and food? Well yes, the Province of Cuneo. Often more "Provenšal" than "Po", it is a melting pot of tastes and aromas that is enriched by ideas from nearby France, neighbouring Liguria and the high mountains of Aosta.

History tells us it has always been modest about presenting its foodstuffs, and for centuries its foods and wines scarcely crossed the borders of the Monferrato or the plain of Savigliano, but many of the local products did go to grace the tables of the Savoys of Turin or the Viscounts of Milan or the Dorias of Genoa.

The renaissance of Cuneese foods and wines began in Alba, the capital of the Langhe. Today expert chefs recognize a wealth of good things and traditions in the simplicity and rigour of the local cuisine, and they know that it deserves international respect.

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